E Vehicles

EV Minda

EVMINDA has launched E vehicles specifically designed for the Indian conditions. It is designed developed and produced in India under the “Make in India” program of Government of India and is ICAT approved. We are a fast evolving and expanding start up based in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is a part of the GKMINDA Group of Companies. Having worked in the electric vehicle space since 2015, our founding team stepped up to do our bit – to make electric vehicles affordable for all.

What We Do

The electric vehicle industry in India is picking pace with 100% FDI possible, new manufacturing hubs, and increased push to improving charging infrastructure.

Low Running Costs

Cost of running an Electric Vehicle in India is very low compared to a fuel car

Enjoyable Driving Experience

Instant electric torque make for a more enjoyable driving experience

Easy Home Charging

An Electric vehicles can be easily plugged into your home and charged with the use of an EV charger

Cheaper Maintenance

Electric vehicles do not require as much maintenance compared to a fuel car

Better For Environment

Electric vehicles do not emit carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), which helps reduce air pollution

Future Of Driving Is Electric

electric cars are expected to be as cheap as fuel -powered cars in the foreseeable future
Presently we have e-scooters, e-Rickshaws, Lithium Ion batteries for e vehicles in our portfolio to cover a diverse range of users from college/tuition- going youth, the people who have local travel for shopping needs, to people commuting to work.

India has made a strong commitment to electric mobility. The country’s EV transition is gaining traction due to demand creation and domestic manufacturing. Simultaneously, the market for electric mobility in India is growing, enabled by policy, compelling and improving economics