E Vehicles


FIDATO Evtech Ltd. is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company established in 2019 with a mission to change each and every gasoline bike existing on road by battery operated e-bike and scooters. This phrase precisely describes the life mantra of our founder Mr.Pintoli Kumar. Being a businessman in the field of Automotive Industry for past twenty years, he realized with time, the need of going green and giving back to mother nature, with prime strategies, exceptional team work and contented investors.

What We Do

Our mission is to reach every home with an electric vehicle


Power - 60V/30Ah,
Cells - Lithium-ion

Charger Specification

Charging Time - 4hours

Powerful Motor

250 Watt

Charger Output

Micro Charger With Auto Cut
Considering the ever growing global warming and the exponential increase in the scarcity of non renewable sources, we have taken the opportunity and launched our company Fidato Evtech Ltd. which manufactures and sells electric vehicles in the market. We are excited to do our part in reducing the amount of carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Fidato Evtech Ltd. products are designed to provide eco friendly, extra fuel efficient electric two wheelers to the community to save the constant deprivation of already scarce resources & with an aim to follow the steps of sustainable development. We through our Electric two wheelers wish to provide pollution less environment to the future generation. After all; it's all about the legacy we leave behind.