E Vehicles


Wroley E-Scooter is a cutting-edge concept designed to give you a seamless experience. We are working to create a sustainable environment for future generations with a robust lithium-ion battery and a 15-degree grade ability to give you an effortless riding experience.

What We Do

Our mission is to reach every home with an electric vehicle


Power - 60V/30Ah,
Cells - Lithium-ion

Charger Specification

Charging Time - 4hours

Powerful Motor

250 Watt

Charger Output

Micro Charger With Auto Cut
Additionally, reverse mode and anti-theft sensors are used to offer you a pleasant ride.
To become one of the leading manufacturers of electric scooters globally with a satisfied and proud customer base.
To contribute towards the greater cause of ridding the world of fuel-based carbon-emissions and help conserve the environment by increasing the consumer database of premium quality E-Scooter users on a global scale.